A Call To Arms For Visionary Entrepreneurs...
Of Visionary Entrepreneurs
Visionary Entrepreneurs, you are under attack right now!
this is
WAR on our planet. WAR on our children. WAR on our sovereignty. We must stand together and form THE UNITED FRONT of Visionary Entrepreneurs. 
With the world turned on its head, this is the appropriate time for an uprising against the old guard. The old way of doing business is assaulting the planet, people, and profits from every possible angle with it’s greed, narcissism, and downright prejudice.
You can’t fight this war alone...
Kate Gray and Jeffrey Slaytey
Founders of The United Front
Kate Gray and Jeffrey Slaytey
Founders of The United Front
We must fight it together through the collective courageousness on the battlefield.

Instead of using missiles, you will use your mission. Instead of ballistics, you will use your benevolence.
We must fight it together through the collective courageousness on the battlefield.

Instead of using missiles, you will use your mission. Instead of ballistics, you will use your benevolence.
Why must we make this stand right now?
The united front
The playing field has been leveled and the enemy is on the backfoot. If we don’t charge now when will we get a chance again like this in our lifetime? Likely never.

You have probably constantly had a vision of doing good whilst in business, and if you’ve traveled that road for long enough you know that there are constant landmines that throw you off course. You see, it takes warriors to pierce through the fog of war.
The fog of war is simply the moment when bullets are flying every which way and you don’t know which way is up. Sounds a lot like the journey of entrepreneurship right?

That’s because it is the same.

It’s like entrepreneurs have been asleep at the wheel for years now, they’ve been focused on looking good with their personal brands and their insta-identities. They’ve forgotten the core of what’s really going on.

Meanwhile an army of organic hippy farmers with bamboo knives think they can fight off incoming nukes with love and light. They can’t.

The strategy to see a planet that they truly want is much clearer than that.
It’s the same strategy that wins every war.

Make the old obsolete.
Wars are always just a giant shift in consciousness. And as we stand together in this united front against greed, narcissism, and prejudice, this invisible war can be beaten, by making it obsolete.
So how do you as a Visionary Entrepreneur take this stand against the old cabal style era of business?

You must, first of all, gather with your generals in the situation room and assess what the hell is really going on in your industry. Find out the lay of the land and strategize how you will defeat the battle headwinds that you are facing.
You might be starting to realize that if you don’t treat your visionary business with the same deafening intensity of war, then you are likely to fail against the mongrels on the other side.

Let us join you side by side in this battle.

We will share our arms, our intelligence, our clout, our influence, our negotiation skills, and most importantly we will stand and fight with you side by side in the trenches each and every day.

No amount of times that you have grenades tossed at you in business, or bullets flying past you, we will be there to help you reload and regroup. We will personally help you scout the marketplace and launch an all-out marketing assault on your competition.

Crushing the enemy in their tracks.

Wartime can be sad because we let go of a lot.

This really is an ending for you.

It’s time to close the door on apathy.
It’s time to close the door on excuses.
It’s time to close the door on fear.

Together let’s rise beyond this sadness though, let’s burn the boats and charge towards destiny.

Because freedom awaits!

Make no apologies to those around you, this is going to be a real shift in gears when you choose to join The United Front. You’re signing up for an aggressive turnaround in your business, your whole world will move.

If you aren’t up for that, then hunker down and hide in a job because true entrepreneurship requires bravery of the highest order. You are either cut out for it or not. And if you are not, stop being a damn poser.

If you are ready to step up and truly wear your heart on your sleeve, then now is the time.
So what is required to join The United Front?
It really is nothing less than a life force commitment, you don’t get the uniform of a visionary entrepreneur without making your mark and giving it your all. This may be a bit to stomach, but stick with us here, because we wouldn’t lead you through a war we didn’t think you could win.

The United Front is an ongoing commitment to your vision as an entrepreneur, so we have the vehicle that will help you across all of the terrain ahead. We are calling you forward to link with us arm in arm to create some serious change.

So by design, we made The United Front an all-inclusive ongoing enlistment that you can enlist in today. We did this because to be brutally honest, you are going to support most in the middle of some random summer’s night because the laws in your industry just changed, or because your competitor knocked out your best selling product, or because you got Facebook bombed and all your traffic disappeared suddenly overnight.
PLUS you are going to need us...
to help you implement your longer-term benevolent vision for humanity throughout your visionary business’s triumphs.
We all know that a war is won one battle at a time! Your entire entrepreneurial career is the length of this war.

Things are constantly going to be happening!

Who knows which way the bullets will be flying when you need us most, the only thing we know for sure is that they will be flying.

In these times you are going to need to be able to bring suddenly urgent matters in your business to our Situation Room, this is an unbridled all-hands-on-deck moment in your business. The Situation Room is where you gather your war-time generals, intelligence agents and advisors to decide to go on the offensive or defensive.

You need this all-star team to help you navigate what happens next.

Sometimes they will help talk you down and cool you off. Other times they will encourage you to step up and launch into an all-out assault on your circumstances to irrevocably turn them around.

Their expertise is their immense capacity to help you to make the clear level headed & profitable decisions in all conditions.

Please prepare to meet your compatriots and war-time leaders Jeffrey Slayter and Kate Chiffey Gray. Their genius zones are deliberate and inarguably what makes them the right fit for having them on your side in this time.
Here’s what Jeffrey and Kate have global-superpower power in and can assist you most with:
  • Positioning - Where and how do you put yourself into the marketplace in a way that brings a flood of loyal recruits, aka customers, that are hungry for your products and services.
  • Recruitment - Influencing the masses to fall into line and believe in your messaging in the marketplace. We help you find the strategic voice that will have you echoed throughout the ages, whilst confusing your enemy. 
  • Alliances - How to build bullet-proof joint ventures where other operators take real risks to help you further the collective mission you both envisage. 
  • Negotiation - How to win in confronting conversations with the enemy or trying to recruit new customers. For the greatest success you are going to want to learn how to have exemplary fierce conversations that can change everything. 
  • Speeches - Updating your customers, investors and critics are going to require the skills of speaking. Your leaders on this journey have spoken at countless events on stages with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Brian Tracy, Dr. John Demartini, Frank Kern, Tim Ferriss, Tony Robbins and many others. These skills of how to speak, how to get the gigs and more will be armed with too.  
  • Radar Relay - How to transfer all of those offline skills like speaking, interviewing and convincing into an online world for mass-distribution. 
  • Guerilla Tactics - How to withdraw cash from your socials without having to pay for it, giving you the ultimate advantage over the silicon valley elite. 
  • Obstacle Courses - Emotional and logical challenges, exercises, and drills for you train before you go into battle each day. Sharpening your mind, emotional capacity, and focus to keep you in the game. Jeffrey and Kate are world-class facilitators. 
  • Initiation Adventures - If you need to go deeper into yourself and drag out the warrior within so you can fight this battle, you won't find better leaders to help you cleanse your psyche in preparation for the war ahead.
Obviously collectively these skills would have you well on the road to being an unstoppable force for good.

In case you have additional needs though, don’t worry we’ve got you with our killer intelligence committee of advisors that we bring in to support you on industry shifts, economic outlooks and tactical marketing maneuvers. These all-out special forces will have you whipped into shape for what is around the corner too.

So how do we bring all of THE UNITED FRONT together under one roof, the really important question is...
[ Weekly Assembly Calls via Zoom ]
Valued at $847 / Month

Jeffrey or Kate will conduct weekly assembly calls which will be recorded and last as long as they need to from 20-90mins. How much time we spend together doesn’t matter, winning does! They will also include a selected OPERATION HOT SEAT tactical sessions with either Kate or Jeffrey where we dive into business challenges in front of the group.
[ Two Week Fast Start Field Guide]
Valued at $497

Get your mind into fine form for the war ahead. This is a video series you will have access to after you have completed the necessary preparation work, provided in video training’s and PDFs.
[ Business Training Platform and Tactical War Room]
Valued at $197 / Month

This offers hours of training to set you up with a stable and scalable business from organic online guerilla marketing campaigns through to scalable business solutions.
[ Weekly Q & A Re-Group & Re-Load Lives ]
Valued at $697 per Month

Designed to offer support in terms of pivoting and obstacles you may face via Facebook LIVE with our top sergeants. Making sure you have the right tools, resources and psychology to overcome your weaknesses.
[ Ongoing Facebook Situation Room Group ] 
Valued at $247 / Month

This is where you post your challenges to your leadership advisors and we huddle around to overthrow your challenges with you and get you back on the right track. Provides up to date, tapped-into industry knowledge to make sure you stay ahead of the game.
[ Regular Special Guest Mentors ]
Valued at $397 / Month

Kate and Jeffrey have access to some of the best business mentors in the world and they will be joining us to share their wisdom and advice. Whether it is the state of economic trends, future asset classes, high-performance facilitators, marketing tacticians or rebel entrepreneurs, they all will be bringing you the best of the best from the frontlines of success.
[ You get to be in our Company ]

A visionary entrepreneur will be part of bringing in the New World. Sometimes you will need someone to lovingly call you on your bullshit and get you to step up. Other times you will need someone to go to battle alongside you, your invaluable comrades.
[ PROGRAM VALUED AT $2,387 / Month ]

What's your investment?

$297 USD Monthly Membership
Cancel Anytime

As you can see we have priced The United Front for short and long term wins together. Something else you might want to know about your leaders in The United Front is that they are active investors and acquire businesses too.

Their long term mission is to unite as many visionary entrepreneurs arm in arm, strengthen them and invest in them too. They are entrepreneurs too, not just world class mentors and advisors.


Dear Visionary Entrepreneur,

You, yes you, have challenges in your business you can’t even see yet.

You need our help in ways you don’t even know yet.

We don’t say this to be arrogant, we say this because we know you, we know what's coming and great leaders surround themselves with the best.

We are the best leaders in this time in history, it is war out here.

Whilst this all might be rah rah, you need a good dose of reality! Business has changed, you need to make aggressive management decisions right now if you want your vision to pierce through the bullshit that's happening out there in the world.

Why are we so forward with you? Because we love you, we care about the future for Visionary Entrepreneurs. There are heartless entrepreneurs out there in plenty, the enemy is strong so we have to help the benevolent leaders like you to strengthen up.

So whilst we are direct, intense and fierce, we are this way in support of you. The real you.

So join us, let’s stand together and rise beyond the old guard. Let’s stomp out the crap that’s happening in the world and fight!

Let’s do this!

The Founders of The United Front
The Founders of The United Front
It’s time to enlist...
Enlist in Your Vision! 
Enlist in Yourself!
Enlist in The United Front!

This is as close to a proverbial wake up call that the universe is going to hand you this directly. Take the plunge and jump because the support awaits you, you’ve got this.

RISK FREE enlistment awaits you, cancel at anytime.

We are looking for signs of strength, and one important sign of strength in business is to make fast and fierce decisions based on limited information and gut instinct.

So what are you waiting for, enlist now!

$297 USD Monthly Membership
Cancel Anytime
Still not convinced?...
Still think the enemy is someone asking to increase your expenses and steal some of your time off of the task at hand? 
We get it, you’ve been hurt before too in business.

Rest assured though, we are here to help you regroup and reset. This isn't a time to be licking wounds, it’s a time to have the right team on your side and charge towards your destiny. 

If we think you do not have what it takes, we will point blank tell you and give you a refund. 

But if, at times, you are cowering and pretending like you don’t have what it takes, we will call you out, that’s our job, to have your back even when you might not have your own. 

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